• Model: FELIX ICE
  • Manufactured by: SEBO

Quick Overview

A new entrant by SEBO and an adventure in upright vacuum cleaner maneuverability. The FELIX..

A new entrant by SEBO and an adventure in upright vacuum cleaner maneuverability. The FELIX series are lightweight upright vacuum cleaners with quick turn swivel necks and large side carrying handles, which make them the most maneuverable upright vacuum cleaners we have tested. The FELIX series are also still a very powerful vacuum cleaners with plenty of suction for cleaning carpets with a 1300-watt motor. They also come standard with an excellent S Class HEPA equivalent filtration system. The FELIX has a manual height adjusting power head, ideal for low to medium pile carpeting. Add a parquet floor brush and your bare floors will also be dust-free in no time.

SEBO FELIX Upright Vacuum Cleaners - ideal for someone who...

Has allergies or asthma and needs S-class, HEPA equivalent filtration system to capture dust down to .3 microns.

Has low to medium pile carpeting, bare floors, upholstery

Wants a durable and flexible SEBO upright vacuum with the always-ready, removable hose handle for above the floor cleaning

Wants a low-profile vacuum cleaner that lies down to less than 6 inches a?" perfect for cleaning under beds or furniture

Would like the convenience of a carry handle for vacuuming stairs or for carrying up and down the stairs

Wants the latest in maneuverability to get around obstacles with a flick of the wrist

Prefers a vacuum cleaner that is a quiet

Would like a slide stopper to help protect walls and furniture from being damaged

Wants a lightweight upright vacuum weighing no more than 15 lbs.

Features of SEBO FELIX Upright Vacuum Cleaners

S-class, three-stage filtration: The FELIX comes with a standard s-class three-way filtration (European equivalent of HEPA), including multi-layer dust bag, motor protection filter, and the electrostatic exhaust filter that removes 99.99% of particles down to .3 microns.

Powerful motor: These vacuums all come with a 1300-watt motor.

Powerhead with four manual adjustments: The power switch can be turned off for a gentle, brushless cleaning as well as four adjustments depending upon the carpet height to be cleaned. The FELIX Classic, Fun, and Ice Blue Model 9802 all come with the 12a?? powerhead. The Ice Blue Model 9810 comes with a 15a?? powerhead.

Electronic power control: Allows you to choose the level of power you want to use electronically at your fingertips.

Bare floors: For hard floors and extremely gentle rugs, you can turn the brush roller off by pressing the power switch/indicator on the top of the head. They also come standard with a parquet brush for the best results.

Slide stopper: On the handle to prevent the vacuum from scratching your walls.

Onboard Tools: Both an upholstery tool and crevice tool are included. They also include the parquet floor brush, which would be attached in place of the powerhead.

Turn swivel neck: All four models have tremendous maneuverability to move around furniture more easily.

Ergonomic carrying handle: Perfect for cleaning stairs and areas that require a higher reach.

Low profile design: The FELIX can easily vacuum under beds and furniture with a profile height of 6a??.

Overheating protection: Allows you to clean without having to worry about overheating your new vacuum.

Height adjustable telescopic handle: Stretches the neck of the machine from 41 inches to 48 inches tall.