Simplicty Fresh Breeze Air Purifier

  • Model: HHPL
  • Manufactured by: SIMPLICITY

Quick Overview

Description of PlasmaWave 4 Speed Digital True HEPA Air Purifier<..

Description of PlasmaWave 4 Speed Digital True HEPA Air Purifier

The discomfort accompanying poor indoor air quality is truly nothing to sneeze at. Fortunately, there is the PlasmaWave 4 speed Digital True HEPA Air Purifier to help clear the air. With its 5 stages of filtration, including HEPA and carbon filters, and the combined power of NanoSilver and PlasmaWave technology, this air cleaner makes light work of dust, pollen, smoke and most other irritants. It is also energy efficient and produces no ozone, so it keeps the health of the earth in mind as well. Equipped with a user-friendly remote, ultra-quiet controls, and many other features, this air cleaner is an excellent choice for all your air purification needs.

PlasmaWave 4 Speed Digital True HEPA Air Purifier are ideal for someone who...

-  Likes a quiet setting in the home

-  Prefers ease of maintenance

-  Likes to use a remote control

-  Is always on the go

Features of PlasmaWave 4 Speed Digital True HEPA Air Purifier

Five-Stage Cleaning: Air undergoes five separate processes before returning, freshened and cleaned, into the room.

 - Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter: Washable filter collects large particles and helps extend the life of the HEPA filter.

- True HEPA Filter: Captures 99.97% of particles and impurities as small as .3 microns.

- Nano-silver Mesh: A shield of silver particles one billionth of a meter in size neutralized bacteria on contact. Silver is known to kill some 650 species of bacteria and viruses simply by coming into contact with them.

- Activated Granular Carbon Filter: Washable filter collects chemical vapors and odors.

PlasmaWave Technology: Optional final stage of purification. Cleans the way nature intended using Hydroxyls (negative and positive ions combined with water vapor) to instantly neutralize viruses and bacteria, chemical vapors, odors and gasses in the air. PlasmaWave produces NO OZONE or other harmful by-products.

- Easy Maintenance: When filter replacement indicator is on, simply replace the filter cassette that contains all three filters (pre-filter, HEPA and Nano-silver mesh/Activated carbon filter). Filters under normal use usually need to be replaced annually.

-  Sleep Mode: Ultra-quiet operation capabilities with dimmable control panel and alight sensor that activates sleep mode when a room darkens.

-  Automatic Setting: Continuous operation monitored by dust and odor sensors.

-  Timer Setting: Just set it for 1, 4, or 8 hour intervals and go!

-  Simple Operation: Remote control and LED display for your convenience. Remote control has an integrated holder on the top of the unit.

-  Energy Star Compliant

How it Works: PlasmaWavea"c Basic Technology: as the filtered air exits the air cleaner, it passes through a corona discharge (a type of electrical pulse). This process creates both negative and positive ions (air in a plasma state). The plasma then combines with naturally occurring water vapor to form Hydroxyl Radicals (OH unstable molecules stripped of hydrogen and oxygen atoms). Hydroxyls attack airborne pollutants that include viruses, bacteria, germs, odors, and chemical gases (VOCs). The pollutants are destroyed in the process while the Hydroxyls reform into water vapor (H2O) or other harmless air molecules. This entire process is similar to what happens in the upper layers of the Earths atmosphere. PlasmaWavea"c emulates the way nature cleans the air without producing harmful ozone or other pollutants.

Care of: Replace filter cassette when indicator light illuminates. Maintenance depends on hours of use, air quality, and location of unit. Filters under normal use usually need to be replaced annually. We recommend cleaning (lightly vacuum then wash) the washable Pre-filter and Nano-silver mesh/Activated carbon filter ever 3 months under normal use.

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We always like easy maintenance! It has a filter change indicator to let you know when it is time to replace the filter cassette. The filter cassette conveniently contains all three filters and it comes in one per-packaged replacement cassette so filter replacement is just one step. Filters usually need to be replaced annually.

We were very pleased that it is Energy Star compliant. It is energy efficient while running in sleep mode and on low fan speeds.

It tested very good for particulate removal and gas, chemical and odor control.

We were impressed with how quiet it was on all speeds 1-4. Turbo, as expected, was not quiet.

It's a nice little twist to have the two color choices metallic blue or silver . Great for bedrooms.

Smart sensors automatically monitor air quality helping the unit work very efficiently.

We really like the light senor which automatically turns on sleep mode when the room is dark. Sleep mode is an energy efficient mode that is ultra-quiet and dims the control panel.

The remote control allows for very easy operation and works up to 20 ft. from the air purifier.


The control panel is slightly difficult and time consuming to operate manually. We recommend using the remote which makes it very simple.

Does not automatically shut off when front grill is removed. Luckily this does not pose any real danger because the unit does not have a UV bulb and the fan is not exposed.

We felt the unit should have covered a larger square footage for its size.


Good construction and attractive design make this air purifier an excellent choice for any room in the house. The "little extras", however, like ultra-quiet operation, and automatic light sensors make it a perfect addition to the bedroom.